BK Threshers Pvt Ltd, a Business unit of BVL GROUP, ranks among india's largest tobacco exporting company, with consolidated net revenues of 125 million USD.
In tobacco, BK threshers having a Packed Storage space of 2,50,000 Sft with the capacity of 10 million kgs and Green Storage space 92,735 Sft with the capacity of 6 million kgs and Tobacco processing capacity 14 tons per hour with the annual output of 60 million kgs. One of the largest factory in the tobacco sector.
 The main objective of the proposed project is as follows;
To reduce the process loss by use of ultra modern and sophisticated machinery;
To deliver the superior quality of the finished product and improved in margins;
To facilitated the customers, in reduction of transportation cost, storage and inventory cost as the plant location is near to port facilities for export of  finished product; and
To reduce the gap between supply and demand in the field, hence considerably reduction in storage and inventory carrying costs and loss in Quality and quantity of the un threshed green tobacco leaf.                                                                                                        
                                                                                                       ORGANISATION'S STRENGTH
 A five-decade experience, tempered with expertise to purchase, handles, process and pack tobacco to meet individual customer specifications.
Wide customer base.
Reputation for integrity of business ethics and a technically innovative approach.
Priority to continuous quality improvement and customer satisfaction.
Setting up of a network of infrastructural facilities, including two state-of-the art Green Leaf Threshing Plants.
Availability of a team of leaf experts and a well trained and committed work force.
Good financial standing and excellent relations with government agencies, banks and other financial institutions and the farming community.
Above all a wise man steers the helm with Knowledge and love
                                                                                                            SOCIAL INVOLVEMENT
BK THRESHERS PVT LTD., is very much conscious of its social responsibilities. It has created a charitable trust and set aside large funds for contributing to educational and medical institutions, and rural upliftment projects operated by non-governmental agencies etc.