1.Processing Hall View 1 2.Processing Hall_Green Tobacco Feeding Table Side View 2 3.Processing Hall_Green Tobacco Feeding Table Front View 3 4.Processing HAll _Tips cutting Unit_Tips & Butts line with Feeding Tables view 3 5.Processing Hall_Green Tobacco Feeding Tobacco Tables Front View 1 6.Processing Hall_Green Tobacco Feeding Tables (4nos) Long View 1 7.Processing Hall _Butts Picking Tables Over all view with NTRM classifiers 3 8.Processing Hall_Butts Picking Tables View 1 9.Processing Hall_Butts Picking Tables with NTRM Classifers view 10.Processing Hall _Butts Picking Tables Over all view with ``NTRM classifiers 5 11.Processing Hall_Tips Picking Conveyor 12.Processing Hall_Threshing Line View 2 13.Best Sorters 14.Processing Hall_NTRM Laser Best Sorters view 3 15.Processing Hall_NTRM Laser Best Sorters view 4 16.Threshing Baskets 17.Processing Hall_Lamina Redryer Front View 2 18.Processing Hall_Auto Press Rear View 15 19.Processing Hall Lamina Auto Press Front View 20.Processing Hall_Auto Press Rear View 13 21.Processing Hall_Auto press Front View 2 22.Processing Hall_Auto Press Area_Overall Front Long View 23.Generators View 24.Finished Product View 25.Inspection Hall View 26.Cooling Hall View 27.Cooling Hall View 2