Why - BK Threshers


Our Processing plants and warehouses are surrounded by SLS (southern light soil) and SBS (southern black soil) regions of tobacco production, with an annual output of 150 million kg's, which is likely to go up to 180 million kgs in the coming years.
Proximity to Chennai and Krishnapatnam sea ports, new airport coming up in Ongole, Railways and
national highway - saves transportation time.
Proximity to auction platforms, tobacco fields, abundant and lower labour rates.
As compared to near by areas there is a cost saving of 10-15 cents per kg.
BVL head office is in close proximity to all its facilities and constant monitoring by efficient people provides quick decisions resulting in saving of time and money.
The plants are located in close proximity to ongole - the head quarters of Prakasham District and along with national highway amidst tobacco growing.
BK Threshers, tobacco packaging is based on client requirements :
Export packing is done as per the requirements of buyers. Four different kinds of packings are in vogue. Guntur type, Rhodesians, card board imported exclusively for this purpose. Facilities are available to meet any other specific needs of clients. All packaging shall meet the export quality control requirement "Agmark" stipulated by Government of India. On receipt of requirements specification from the clients, BK Threshers  shall give the best and the most competitive offer